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Lassen-Metalli Oy

Lassen-Metalli Oy, founded in 1980, is a full-service metal engineering workshop in Oulu, Northern Finland. Our product range consists of demanding welded and machined products, custom-made up to our customers requirements. We can deliver the products ready to be assembled or even with final installation service in industrial environments or in customer’s premises. For more information, click here!


We provide high quality machining works with both manual and NC-controlled lathes and milling stations, to learn more about the maximum dimensions, click here!


We perform welding services on Fe, Al and stainless steel, using gas, MIG/MAG- and TIG-welding.

Should you need a small series of custom parts or just one-off prototypes, does your garden gate need replacing or your shop door hinge repairing, we are here for you!